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Announcing The Better Email


In 2013, I self-published my first book on HTML email marketing, Modern HTML Email. Then, in 2015, I released my second book, Professional Email Design, a practical handbook and reference for learning how to design and code HTML email marketing campaigns. Combined, they have sold thousands of copies and helped more people than I would ever have expected learn HTML email design and grow their careers.

When Professional Email Design came out, I promised every customer that they would receive free updates for life. My intention was to release updates on a regular basis as new techniques were developed. Fast forward two years and I’m finally keeping that promise, with a little name change.

Starting on November 1st, when it’s released, Professional Email Design will now be known as The Better Email on Design. Available to everyone who’s purchased a copy of the first edition of Professional Email Design, The Better Email on Design is a massive update that includes not only improved content from the first book, but five new chapters on everything from different responsive email approaches to troubleshooting, workflows, accessibility, and even interactive and dynamic emails.

Here’s a chapter listing to give you an idea of what’s in The Better Email on Design:

  1. Why email?
  2. Basic Email Development Tools
  3. The Building Blocks of Email
  4. Typography in Email
  5. Taking People Places
  6. Images in Email
  7. Understanding Mobile
  8. Responsive Email Design
  9. New: Different Layout Approaches
  10. New: Animation, Effects, and Interactivity
  11. New: Different Development Workflows
  12. New: Troubleshooting Emails
  13. New: Questioning Best Practices

But, The Better Email on Design is more than just an update to a book.

For the first time, I’m going to release dozens of video tutorials, too. While the book will still be the perfect guide and reference for anyone designing and coding email campaigns, the videos will walk you through, step-by-step, how to implement everything in the book. You’ll see exactly how the pros build, test, troubleshoot, and ship HTML email campaigns.

The updated book and videos will be sold separately or as part of a discounted package, and all existing Professional Email Design customers will receive a discount on the videos. You can find out more about pricing right here.

However, my goal for The Better Email is to be greater than everything laid out here.

On top of The Better Email on Design, I’ll be releasing The Better Email on Marketing, another book + video course, in mid-2018. It will focus on the strategy behind email marketing—permissions, list growth, planning, process, analytics… all the good stuff outside of the code.

I’ve also migrated all of my resources (formerly Email Toolbox) right here to The Better Email. I’m planning on expanding those, too. If you have any suggestions for resources, email me.

Finally, keep an eye on this blog. I’ll be posting more articles, links to industry news, and interviews with email industry professionals soon. If you want to keep up with everything, why not sign up for the newsletter? You’ll even get a free six-page PDF for the trouble.

I’m looking forward to November 1st and the release of The Better Email on Design. I hope you are, too. Cheers!