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The ultimate guide to HTML email design and development. Learn how to code robust, responsive, and interactive email campaigns that subscribers devour.

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Whether you're a web designer, marketer, or the company code monkey, designing and building an HTML email campaign can be terrifying. There are seemingly countless things that can go wrong, resulting in subscribers who are bored, frustrated, and ready to unsubscribe. It's a tough gig.

It doesn't have to be.

The Better Email on Design is a complete guide to the intricacies of coding HTML email campaigns. It unravels the mysteries of email development and allows you to focus less on code and more on producing great content that keeps your subscribers happy.

Here's what you'll learn about:

illustration HTML & CSS

Learn all the code needed to design and develop robust and effective campaigns.

illustration Typography

The heart of any email campaign, beautiful, clean, and readable typography helps build trust and get your message across.

illustration Accessibility

Create email campaigns that can be accessed by anyone, regardless of ability or device.

illustration Images

See which image types work best in email and how to include them so that they don't break your campaigns, all while optimizing for clients that block images by default.

illustration Links & Buttons

Learn the best way to effectively use links in an email, including multiple approaches to building bulletproof buttons.

illustration Responsive Emails

Get a solid grasp on fluid tables, fluid images, and media queries. All the ingredients required to make emails responsive, as well as more advanced techniques for mobile-friendly campaigns.

illustration Animation & Interactivity

Add life to your emails with motion and techniques that allow your subscribers to engage with your campaigns like never before.

illustration Troubleshooting

Understand the steps professionals use to diagnose and solve even the trickiest of email design problems.

illustration Workflows & Tools

Use advanced workflows and professional tools to speed up your development process, allowing you to make more reliable emails quicker than ever before.

What others are saying:

Jason's book was a lifesaver when I started doing email. As someone who came from a web background before, you couldn't have asked for a better crash course into the mad world of email.
Dermot Hughes, Web Designer & Developer

Here's what you'll get:

illustration Expert Guides

A comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, 225-page PDF guide that dives deep into email marketing and design. Written by a leading expert with nearly a decade of email development experience.

illustration Video Tutorials

23 step-by-step video tutorials that explain and build on the concepts presented in the PDF guide. Over 6 hours of instruction. Downloadable and viewable offline, DRM-free.

illustration Practical Examples

Realistic examples and illustrations of key concepts and clean, well-written code examples you can use in your own email marketing campaigns. Adaptable for any use-case.

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While the book and videos cover some of the same ground, they work best together. The book acts as the perfect reference for email development while the videos walk you through all of those concepts in a step-by-step fashion.

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What others are saying:

I thought I already had many tricks and tactics down pat, but time and again as I kept reading I found myself SMH as you presented a more elegant, supported, and email client-friendly way to accomplish the same or better! Bravo!
Lenny Tafro

What others are saying:

Jason has a natural ability to deliver results. We implemented his recommendations into our email campaigns and the outcome was nothing but positive.
Rich O'Brian, SketchUcation

Who's behind all of this?

Jason Rodriguez is an email industry veteran with nearly a decade of experience in planning, writing, designing, and developing email marketing campaigns.

At Litmus, he works to build a community around email design and marketing and helps educate industry professionals in any way possible. He's written for A List Apart, self-published two books, and routinely speaks at industry events and holds workshops around the country to help people make better, more effective email campaigns.

You can follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his newsletter.

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