About The Better Email

Improve your email campaigns and create happier subscribers with practical and easy-to-understand guides on email marketing, design, and development.

The Better Email is devoted to helping people evolve their email campaigns, whether it’s by writing and recording guides on strategy, design, and development or curating the best resources online for all things email. The Better Email grew out of two books, Modern HTML Email and Professional Email Design, which have helped thousands of people learn the foundations of email marketing and development.

I wanted to expand the concepts presented in my books and bring in additional resources to help people better understand the minutiae of email marketing, design, and development. On top of rewritten and improved guides, I’m dedicating time to recording step-by-step video tutorials and curated resources on damned near every topic you might want to learn about in the email industry.

Who’s behind all of this?

Jason Rodriguez is an email industry veteran with nearly a decade of experience in planning, writing, designing, and developing email marketing campaigns.

Jason speaking at Salesforce Connections 2019

At Litmus, he works to build a community around email design and marketing and helps educate industry professionals in any way possible. He’s written for A List Apart, self-published two other books, and routinely speaks at industry events and holds workshops around the country to help people make better, more effective email campaigns.

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